Tactile Defensiveness


Children who have tactile defensiveness are sensitive to touch sensations and can be easily overwhelmed by, and fearful of, ordinary daily experiences and activities.

Sensory defensiveness can prevent a child from play and interactions critical to learning and social interactions.

Often, children with tactile defensiveness (hypersensitivity to touch/tactile input) will avoid touching, become fearful of, or bothered by the following:

  • textured materials/items
  • “messy” things
  • vibrating toys, etc.
  • a hug
  • a kiss
  • certain clothing textures
  • rough or bumpy bed sheets
  • seams on socks
  • tags on shirts
  • light touch
  • hands or face being dirty
  • shoes and/or sandals
  • wind blowing on bare skin
  • bare feet touching grass or sand



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