Oral-Motor Skills Milestones in Children

Oral-Motor Skills Milestones-Birth to Two Years


  0 – 1 Month


    Uses a suck or sucking pattern


  3 Months


    Sequences two or more sucks before pausing to breathe


    Sequences 20 or more sucks from bottle


  4 – 6 Months


    Sucking or suckling soft solids


    Uses suck or suckling pattern with bottle


    Can be introduced to liquids via cup


  6 – 8 Months


    Can be introduced to cereal and purees


    Uses suckling pattern with cup drinking, with wide jaw excursions and loss of liquid


    Upper lip assists with food removal


    Jaw movement is up/down and diagonal


  9 – 12 Months


    Given liquids, purees, ground table food


    True suck with vertical movements


    Longer sequences of suck/swallow that are more coordinated


    Controlled bite for soft solids


    Swallows ground or mashed table food


    Lips are active in chewing


    Chewing in vertical or diagonal/rotary pattern


  15 – 18 Months


    Transfers food from midline to sides of mouth


    Suck, swallow, and breathing well-coordinated


    Diagonal and rotary jaw movements are smooth, can chew with lips closed


    Upper incisors clean lower lip


  19 – 24 Months


    Meats and raw vegetables are added to diet


    Tongue used in sweeping motion to clean lips


    Swallows food with texture combinations


    Able to grade jaw opening


    Uses rotary chewing motions and can transfer food easily from center to sides



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