JOURNAL WATCH Developmental Neurorehabilitation 2009 : Virtual reality in paediatric rehabilitation: A review

Virtual reality in paediatric rehabilitation: A review

Authors: Thomas D. Parsons a;  Albert A. Rizzo a;  Steve Rogers b; Philip York b
Affiliations:   a Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, CA, USA
  b Psychology, Westmont College, Montecito, CA, USA
DOI: 10.1080/17518420902991719
Publication Frequency: 6 issues per year

Published in: Developmental Neurorehabilitation, Volume 12, Issue 4 August 2009 , pages 224 – 238
Formats available: HTML (English) : PDF (English)
Previously published as: Pediatric Rehabilitation (1363-8491, 1464-5270) until 31 December 2006
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Objective: To provide a narrative review of studies regarding the outcomes of Virtual Reality (VR)-based treatment and rehabilitation programmes within the paediatric population.

Methods: Studies related to the use of VR across a number of paediatric areas (e.g. cerebral palsy, autism, foetal alcohol syndrome and attention deficits) were identified and summarized.

Results: Outcomes from the studies reviewed provide preliminary support for the use of VR.

Conclusion: VR may be an effective treatment method for specific disorders, although the generalizability of this literature is hindered by several methodological limitations, such as small samples and the absence of appropriate control participants.

Keywords: Virtual reality; rehabilitation; neurocognitive; neuopsychology; paediatric; virtual environment



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