Prosthetic Rehabilitation in a Four-year-old Child with Severe Early Childhood Caries: A Case Report


Aim: The purpose of this case report was to describe the oral rehabilitation of a 4-year-old girl presenting early

childhood caries (ECC).

Background: ECC is highly prevalent in developing countries and its severity increases with age. This disease

implies serious consequences for the development of the stomatognathic system and for the child’s quality of

life. As young children are usually anxious about dental treatment, their level of co-operation is limited, leading to

a challenging situation.

Case Report: A 4-year-old girl was brought by her mother for dental treatment with the complaint of pain. The

clinical examination revealed extensive carious coronary destructions. After preventive and curative measures,

the oral rehabilitation was performed; it included the use of stainless steel crowns, resin filled celluloid crowns

with previous cementation of glass post pins when necessary, an amalgam restoration, orthodontic treatment,

and a partial removable prosthesis. The child has been monitored in the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at 4-monthly


Summary: The oral rehabilitation was able to reestablish the oral health in the primary arches mutilated by

early childhood caries. This is important for the establishment of an adequate mixed and permanent dentition, for

proper facial and maxillary growth, and to the child’s psychological and social development.

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