Assessment of national clinical practice in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Anttila H, Autti-R�m� I, M�lek� M, Suoranta J, Malmivaara A; Health Technology Assessment International. Meeting (1st : 2004 : Krakow, Poland).

Proc One HTA Health Technol Assess Int Meet 1st 2004 Krakow Pol. 2004; 1: 51.FinOHTA, Helsinki, Finland.

Cerebral palsy (CP) occurs in 2/1000 newborns and is the most common cause of permanent motor handicap in children. Its classification can be based on body part involvement, abnormal tone and severity of motor handicap. This causes heterogeneity and makes choice of treatment difficult. As part of a larger HTA evaluation on the effects of various interventions on children with CP, a survey on national treatment practices was conducted. A structured questionnaires and a video including three cases of children with CP of different severity were sent to child neurological rehabilitation teams that cover medical rehabilitation in Finland: five university hospitals, fifteen central district hospitals, one non-governmental organization and three schools for handicapped children. The teams were asked to list the available therapeutic methods at their institution. Furthermore they planned a detailed rehabilitation program for each video recorded case, defining three most important goals to ensure the child’s developmental opportunities. The results show a large variation in intervention possibilities and rehabilitation practices within the country. A more detailed analysis will be presented in the congress. The variations in clinical practice and rehabilitation methods can be compared to objective outcomes results of the various therapy interventions. The results can be utilized when developing a more consistent national strategy for treatment and rehabilitation practices in Finland.

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